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Timbretech FS


Timbretech is a privately owned audio services company founded and run by Jim Toth. The Companies goal is to design and run sound systems for venues. Timbretech's clients are high profile, requesting only the best sound that can be available for their space. Jim and his team go into a space, design speakers and pick the right operating system, and then come up with an organized system of running sound at that particular venue. The client always has modifications and requests that have to be fulfilled, and Timbretech is a company that is always prepared. The company is controlled by a key figure, Jim Toth, and a handful of employees that operate under him. Each employee operates under freelance, meaning that they are all part time, and are all always on call. Employees get paid by skill level and level of reliability. If you are a good worker, then you will get a raise very soon, if you aren't then you will be called less, and paid less.

Client List

United States

MoMA Guggenheim
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Stella McCartney
Anna Wintour
Sony Music
Dior Homme
Santos Party House

Tokyo, Japan



Timbretech is a highly efficient, organized company, that while it runs smoothly in operation, it is important to keep in mind that it does not function in the traditional sense. Because workers are always on call, you could get called to do a job the day before the job, or even the day of. If you can't make it it is always ok, but people put fait in you to help get the job done. Working at Timbretech may be insane because of its very specific organization style, but it certainly feels like you are a part of a community. The people working their pride themselves on the product they are delivering, and have found their own way to maintain a level or organization. Because of their high level client list, this company is used to operating in the most ridiculous of scenarios. This includes having to make sure that no speakers, mics, or wires, were visible at a wedding, for example. The people who work here are used to the level of spontaneity, and it aids them in their work ethic creating organized systems to deliver the best experience possible.