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Public Enterprise Electric Utility of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a joint stock company in which 90% of the capital is owned by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 10% is owned by minority shareholders.


Beginning of Elektroprivreda BiH is bound to the Regulation on the Establishment of Electric Utility Company of Bosnia and Herzegovina “Elektrobih” from August 30th 1945. As of July 21st 1993 Elektroprivreda BiH harmonized its business with the Law on Public Companies and the Law on Electric Utility Company, and continued to operate under the name of Javno Preduzeće Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine, as the legal successor of the former public enterprise for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity Elektroprivreda BiH and electric utility companies established by it.Reregistration of Javno Preduzeće Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine into a corporation was done on May 20th 2004, and since then it has operated under the name of Javno Preduzeće Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine d.d. - Sarajevo. The company has no competitors in the grounds of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Analysis of the strategy

Since 2009 Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo has had a status of the parent company in the EPBIH Concern, which is connected with several companies in the field of mining and manufacturing of equipment. The other companies are subsidiary companies.
Electric utility activities performed by JP Elektroprivreda BiH dd Sarajevo are:
-Generation and distribution of electricity
-Supply of Electricity
-Trading, representation and mediation on the local electricity market
-Export and import of electricity, including the management of electricity system

Electric utility activities performed by the Company as public services are:
-Generation of electricity for unqualified (tariff) customers
-Electricity distribution
-Electricity supply for unqualified (tariff) customers

The use of products of public companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a way forced upon citizens. There is no another provider of electric energy and even though prices are sometimes over the living standard, the country has the monopoly in this industry. In their mission they insist on working harder on modernization and investment in renewable energy sources. The country still follows tendencies towards European Union and is ready to invest in Elektroprivreda in order to achieve expected standards. It is completely relying on the country and minority shareholders do not have a huge influence in the company's official stands.