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Appendage assignment


Project development:

Next Ideas


Togeather view.jpg

Here is how the pieces I modeled this week will fit together. One piece snugly receiving the magnets of the other with a gentle snap.


As I track my goals and initial drawings through to these final photographs, my project came out very similar to my initial intent. I wanted glasses that made the shop a better place, allowing me to have both a pencil and safety glasses perched behind my ear. More important then that goal, I wanted to experiment with rapid prototype printing and use its capability's to the max. Only in places where I learned a better way of doing something or when I became more ambitious (inclusion of the removable led flashlight) did my plans change. I am happy with the prints I got off and am excited to continue in my Rhino design. I think this free form project was an exciting close to a class so dense with learning.

Photo 1and.JPG