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Project One, Tetrahedron

Sphere Outside Cube Testing

First Module, Stellated Octahedron

Second Module, Flower

Third Module, Edge Wheel

Continuation, Stellated Octahedron

Project Two, Minerals Shattuckite

Shattuckite is a Silicate based gem, where its unique color from the copper present in the mineral. It crystalizes in an orthorhombic lattice, which as far I as understand means that two of the paired vertices of a cube are stretched by different factors to form an orthogonal shape wherein the width, length, and height are separate values. Its most typical formation is as a massive granular crystal that results in the fascinating 'fuzzy spheres.' I chose to work with this gem because I was interested in exploring that spherical shape through cross-section, and I want to challenge myself to build models that mimic the randomly patterned surface texture where hard mineral looks almost soft.