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Sony is a Japanese Corporation that focuses on electronics for both consumers, and professionals. There are four sections within Sony that help make it function. These include, video games, movies, music, and financial services. Sony is known as the fourth largest television manufacturer in the world. Sony is a part of a larger corporation called The Sony Group, which controls the actual Sony Corporation. The founders of Sony are Akio Morita, and Masaru Ibuka. Sony gained its worldwide success after it created a radio designed for the consumer. This clarified them as the leading maker of electronics. On April 1st, 2012 Sony distributed its service into numerous segments, these segments being, Imaging Products & Solutions (IP&S), Game, Mobile Products & Communications (MP&C), Home Entertainment & Sound (HE&S), Devices, Pictures, Music, Financial Services and All Other. In 2012, Sony's shares were valued at 15 billion. It is a company that makes its money through innovation and design, creating tons of new products, seeing what the masses enjoy. In December, 2008, Sony cut 8000 jobs, and dropped 8000 contractors to save 1 billion a year. In January, Sony sold its us headquarters for another billion. In 2014, Sony was seen as to have a significant amount of risk.


In the early 70's, Sony was starting to fall apart, the world was changing and it was no longer the lead innovator in its field. The company was compelled to expand under new management, broadening their services. The result was incredible successful and has lead Sony to be one of the most powerful corporations in the world. This is an example of never stopping with innovation, changing your product to match the environment around you, I find this incredibly important. What has happened now, is that it is no longer the lead innovator. While it is still creating new products, they are slowly being left behind, and the company can't keep up with other startups and products that are popping up quicker then the company can function. The Companies lead for of revenue is through its gaming division, however this is not enough to keep the rest of the company afloat. Sony announced last year that it was going to focus on its pc units, and mobile platforms, obviously a sign of attempting to fit into today's times. Sony has not created a positive environmental record. They have not changed much of their companies position on the drought in California, and do not share a good relationship with Greenpeace who continuously place them at the bottom of lists on how environmentally friendly they are. Sony has been involved in multiple foundations to help communities across the world, They have even collaborated with IDEO, to help make the image of of being better for the environment, more resonant. Sony is a company that continued to think in the future at one point, however as it did this it could not keep pedaling up the hill, it slowed down and got too far behind its competitors.