P. quinguefolia

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Parthenocissus quinquefolia (virginia creeper)

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Taxonomy and Systematics

  • Kingdom Plantae
  • Order Vitales
  • Genus Vitaceae
  • Family “Parthenocissus”
  • Species “P. quinquefolia”

Abundance and Distribution

The species is found in southeastern Canada, eastern and central United States, eastern Mexico and Guatamala. The site from which this individual came had five or six other young vines also growing amongst rocks.

Location and Habitat

This specimen was found amongst rocks on the south facing slope off of the college driveway. The species prefers a moist environment, but will also live in envirnments ranging from swamps to upland deciduous forests.


P. Quingeufolia is a woody vine that can reach 30-50 feet. As its name suggest, it has five leaflets per palmately compound leaf. Its leaves range from 3 to 20 cm in length and leaflets are toothed. It can be confused with “P. vitacea”, but can be recognised by the adhesive pads at the end of each forked tendril. Its berries contain oxalic acid, making them toxic to many animals.


Partheno, "virgin" ; kissos, "ivy" (greek) ; quinque, "five" ; folia, "five" (latin)

Cuden May 13 2015