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In 1945 the Mahindra brothers joined forces with Ghulam Mohammad and started Mahindra & Mohammad as a steel company in Mumbai. Two years later when India won its independence, Mohammed was offered a position to become Pakistan’s first finance minister, abandoning the company. The Mahindra bothers renamed the company Mahindra & Mahindra [1].

The two bother J.C Mahindra and K.C. Mahindra believed that transportation could be a key to improve the prosperity of Indian. So their goal was centered on building a simple vehicle -Jeep- capable of tackling the Indian land [2]. The brothers collaborated with many international entities to reach to their goal of improving transportation and prosperity in india. Throughout these years this company has been known for its global leadership and its technological innovation.


Mahindra group is mainly well known for its innovation in transportation as well as for its heavy machinery or technology used in many construction and agricultural fields. This company competes with a great number of companies around the world, however, its bigger competitors are those that exist mainly in India. Mahindra’s biggest competitor is Maruti Suzuki India, following by Hindustan Motors and last but not least Daewoo Motors India [3][4].


Mahindra & Mahindra group is world wide known for its automotive sector. Being the fourth largest tractor company in the world and number one in India. Even though their strength is in the manufacturing and trading of automobiles, they are expanding by imposing innovative technology in different fields such as: Farm Equipment, Trade and Financial Services, Infrastructure Development, Information Technology and one of its more recent, Solar Panel energy [5]. Even though Mahindra is not recognized as a energy generator company, the Solar Panel Project came from the “Rise Prize” venture that the Mahindra group initiated. This venture aims to make energy more accessible by using solar roof panels.

Mahindra group takes india’s challenges very personally. They know that the nation is growing vastly, but they perceive plenty of challenges, including: pollution, lack of infrastructure, transport mobility, lack of potable water, etc. This was the reason that Mr. Anand Mahindra and his collaborators had started the Rise Prize [6]. This project aims to provoke big innovative ideas that can change lives in india. This inspires individuals and teams to push boundaries and produce great ideas that could propel India into the next orbit of development and innovation.

The Rise Prize brought innovation in the Mahindra group company with the “Mobility Challenge” , which encourages innovation in the area of Driverless Cars in India [7]. According to its creators this project will redefine the future mobility of Indian Roads and will address a range of challenges such as mortality rates, driver fatigue, environmental sustainability and making transportation accessible for people that are differently-abled [8]. Even though this is a great venture, Mahindra group is facing many problems with this project. “Indian roads are too crowded to test driverless cars” ()quote() This becomes an issue because testing this driverless car in other countries might not address the same challenges in relation with mobility that the country of India has.

For many years Mahindra & Mahindra has aimed for the expansion to other countries to be able to become a $80 billion company. This is however a challenge for the company since they lack many resources and services to grow to this level. Mahindra group will not be able to reach this goal until they become truly global, which is the central challenge that major companies in india have [9]. Nevertheless, the Mahindra group persist with their innovative technology, which could take them to be one of the biggest companies world-wide.

Finally, it is important to mention that the Mahindra group has a great sense of social responsibility for the community. This company invest vastly into education, health, environment, culture, sport and sustainable products. This sense of responsibility has been one of the reasons that Mahindra group has been growing exponentially in the Indian Society and various countries around the world.