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Israel Corp. in a public corporation which uses an extractive business model. It was founded in 1968 by the Israeli government to attract foreign investors to contribute towards the economic development of the country and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1930, Israel Corp. was a for-profit Palestinian Potash company. The northern part of the production facilities was occupied by Jordan in 1948 and later in 1951 the rest of the company was nationalized by the Israeli government. Initially, shares were offered to private investors then the company was listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange in 1982. Now, the majority of the company’s shares by a shareholder group. Due to the distribution of the business shares, 50% of its manufacturing activities and 70% of its consolidated revenues derive from global operations.

Israel Corporation Ltd. engages in fertilizers and specialty chemicals, and refining and petrochemicals businesses worldwide. Israel's Dead Sea Works and Jordan's Arab Potash mine Dead Sea waters for potash and other minerals, exporting them for use in fertilizers, cosmetics, cars and laptops. The company produces and sells potash, phosphate fertilizers, purified phosphoric acid, phosphate-based downstream products, and specialty fertilizers; elemental bromine; and dairy proteins for the beverage industry, dairy products, and the meat industry. It has concessions and licenses for the production of minerals from the Dead Sea, concessions for mining phosphate rock in the South, and mining agreements and licenses covering the mining of potash and salt from underground mines in Spain and the United Kingdom. The company also engages in refining crude oil and production of fuel products; and provision of raw materials for the petrochemical industry and materials for the plastics industry, as well as oil products used in industrial operation, transportation, private consumption, agriculture, and infrastructures. Israel Corporation Ltd. Israel Corp. is ranked as the sixth largest Potash producer world wide, the first producer of PK (Potash and Phosphate) fertilizers, and the first producer of elementary Bromine.


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