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Good. Must. Grow.


  • Is a B-Corp.
  • Aims to promote the work of other B-corps, socially-responsible businesses, and NGO's through strategic marketing support.
  • "Our core belief is that social businesses and causes will succeed if properly supported by smart marketing."
  • Asks for money donations to its GMG 501(c) fund, which the company will match.
  • Does both affordable work and pro-bono work, but still makes a profit.
    "Every $1 we receive astoundingly turns into $3 or even $5 by arming charities with strategic marketing that amplifies their effect." source

I imagine this company began with someone who has the same vision that I do - that socially and environmentally responsible businesses and non-profits often don't get enough positive attention and catered marketing for the good work that they do. The founder of the company must have had a lot of strategic planning under their belt, and created a fantastic team that would do so much more than the average marketing firm. Perhaps design thinking is a strong element of how they work with clients! sources

Speaking of which, other marketing businesses would be the competition. I think what sets this business apart from competition is:

  1. that its target market is only socially-responsible companies and NGO's
  2. that its cheap, and sometimes pro-bono rates makes it easier for a hard-working, cash-strapped business/org to consider trying out Good. Must. Grow.'s services.

Overall, I see the company's business model and brand as very strategic. Currently it is based in Nashville and is likely tackling a whole host of local clients, as well as some national ones; however, I wouldn't be surprised to see it expand its services across many more states in the near future. One challenge I see for this business is that offering its services to faraway companies and non-profits through online platforms will be more difficult than meeting with businesses in-person. I have high hopes for Good. Must. Grow. to meet these challenges smartly, strategically, and quickly to expand its brand further as demand increases for its services.