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Each class member should make their own heading (your name surrounded by triple equal-signs; note the example). Under this heading list very brief (initially two two four sentence) research questions or ideas for projects. Everybody should come up with at least three or four. The only requirements are that they should a) have some connection to the local/regional landscape (campus and environs), and b) make some synthetic or analytic use of geo-spatial data. Do NOT worry right now about availability of data or details of approach; if you can frame the problem in concept, that's good enough.

Each of you should ALSO read other folks' ideas and offer input -- questions, suggestions, speculations, hypotheses -- directed towards helping develop the initial idea. These comments should be immediately below the project idea being commented on, and prefaced by TWO asterisks; that will make them a bullet indented one more space. SIGN your comments. Comments should be SIGNED (note that if you enter four tildas -- "Kwoods 23:45, 10 September 2011 (UTC)" -- wiki will automatically replace them with your username).

CONTINUING THIS ASSIGNMENT: Use the wiki as part of a continuous revision process. Develop details of question and approach each week, narrowing thinking to a one or two (eventually one) idea. Your entry should be moving towards a several paragraph statement of problem and research design. ALSO, as you begin working with data-sets and developing visualizations and models, use the wiki to log your work and, particularly, problems you encounter and ideas for solving them.


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