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FremantleMedia Headquarters in London, UK
The X Factor, currently one of the most popular talent shows all around the world


A complex process, that has been almost a century long, that involves a sum of a number of major companies operating, then finally unifying, is responsible for creation of such a media giant as FremnatleMedia. It is now owned by Bertelsmann’s RTL Group.
Founded in September 2001, FremantleMedia later came to be one of the world leaders in TV production.
Can you think of one television talent show? Yeah, they probably hold the rights for it. That’s what they are most know for.
FremantleMedia was created when a number of production companies, one of witch dates back to 1917, joined in one. At first, according to the history period, they were responsible for many marketing accomplishments and a few wold-class films. As they were all co-operating very well, they even launched a television station in the late 60’s. Eventually, they started branding and producing quiz shows, tv series, as well as other interesting formats. The first union happened in 2000, when 2 of the companies merged, forming the RTL group which later became Fremantle’s parent company. Just one year later, FremantleMedia was created as the new company name for the content production division of RTL group.

Today, they hold the rights for some of the world’s most popular TV formats, like The X Factor, Idols, Got Talent, Take Me Out, Farmer Wants A Wife, etc… They also act as producers and distributors.


America's Got Talent is just one of over 58 national versions of Got Talent franchise
The original judging panel of American Idol, FremantleMedia's product

FremantleMedia is owned by RTL Group, the leading European entertainment network. The majority shareholder of RTL Group is international media company Bertelsmann.
Surely in a good financial position, FremantleMedia seems to be extremely successful. Their operation is based on production/distribution system, which means they create a show, brand it and sell it to a television, which later gets help with production; or if it is an already existing format they hold rights for, they just sell it as a product to a station, and supervise its execution.
FremantleMedia’s employee-body is consisted of mass media experts from different fields, although they hire numbers of other experts for specific projects.
What I can see in their example, is that a well-known brand is worth millions and millions, and what FremantleMedia has is more than hundred branded television content. Having that much brands means holding rights for it, which secures them constant income. The company has a group turnover of over €1bn.
Although, it is considered as a production company, which is expected to produce movies as well, FremantleMedia is focused just on television program, including TV shows and series, which is a huge advantage considering the number of licensed products they posses. In my opinion, focusing on a segment of specific target market is one of the best business strategies. They may not be taking over cinemas and movie industry, but when it comes to people at homes, watching TV, they have a huge platform and an everlasting source of customers.
One of the key factors the company’s success is constant improvement. Every season, they are coming up with innovations, making their program continuously interesting for their viewers, as well as more attractive to potential new ones. That leads me to conclusion that the best thing you can do for your company is non-stop working on finding a way to be better.