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A New Apparatus for Seeing


Double shades.JPG

Nare and Ajsa


  • Nearsighted and farsighted users


  • Adjustable photosensitive, optical glasses
  • The user has control over the diopter: optical power of lens and curved mirror, sensitive to light (acts as sunglasses when exposed to harmful light)


  • changing glasses: more sustainable both financially and practically
  • the habit of overusing optical glasses
  • the problem of carrying two pairs of glasses
  • esthetically pleasing

David and Erika

What: a product - a pair of glasses for colorblind people, as well as creatives.
It has built-in features to tell the user what color they are looking at, which is useful for colorblind people who want more literacy about the shades of the world that they are seeing and interacting with, and is also helpful for designers who may want to use the specific colors they are seeing in their work.

These glasses are sleek, aesthetic, and are completely wearable and wantable.

John and Lazar


The apparatus is meant to help colorblind people differentiate between different colors that they cannot do themselves. It overlays the display on the glasses with labels for colors so they can differentiate between them. It will be adjustable to different kinds of colorblindness, and will have a switch on the side that will turn it on and off to prevent sensory overload.

Quynh and Sam

- Augmented reality is a tool that takes digital information and places it into our own reality.
- Augmented reality contact lens’s that can be paired with a computer, smart device, and projector, you can use this data to relive your memories in a chosen space.
- What is so special about these contacts is that they are not visible to others, there is more privacy involved, and the data storage is small, no one will live their lives only in augmented reality, only so many memories can be stored at once. you can store as many memories on the computer as you want, but only hold so many on the lens’s.

Hadil and Aayush

Virtual Reality Device for Working Out

Our product will revolutionize the way you work out. People get bored while running or lose motivation. This virtual reality device will engage you in a real world experience while running on a treadmill and realize your full potential. This will also monitor the different aspects of your body while working out.

Martin and Nidesh

What is it?
A seeing device with medical purpose that would detect and display general abnormalities and problems with the human body. This will allow more efficiency in hospitals saving lots of lives.

Who is it for?
For doctors and medical professionals; for use in hospitals.

Why do they want it?
It will make diagnosing problems more efficient.