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Student money ought to be used wisely. The Budget Affairs Committee will oversee the proper and fair disbursement of the Student Council Budget. In addition, it will track groups receiving funding to serve as a link to the Office of Student Life as well as to provide help and resources.


Matt Nunes (McCullough) - Chair

Aubrey Restifo (Fels)

Genevieve Schreiber (Booth)


We hold our weekly meetings in the Purple Room in the Dining Hall at 12:15 PM on Fridays.


  • To fairly distribute funding to student groups;
  • To keep track of said funding, even after distribution;
  • To serve as a link between the Office of Student Life and funded groups; and
  • To continue to lobby for more funding for student groups.

Rules and Regulations

Coming Soon


Want to know how we make our decisions? Here is our official Budget Policy.

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