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We drove to a tag sale in downtown Bennington, at a home. We talked with the woman selling the things for two hours: about everything from concerns in the Bennington community, to her family, to the neighbors, to town-college relationships, to the chipmunk who had recently begun collecting nuts on her porch. Some topics:

  • drug dealing in Bennington
  • youth in Bennington (cursing, nothing to do, worse than when she was growing up)
  • Bennington College tag sale that used to happen on campus, drawing community members every Spring
  • lack of restaurants in Bennington
  • driving through college campus (used to be a big thing; North Gate)
  • SVCC, how it was founded and relations to Bennington College
  • her brother at the tire shop and the flower arrangements she made for the shop
  • her sister-in-law, an artist whose jewelry will be included at the new shop in town, by South Street
  • all of the houses for sale
  • her neighbors who were having trouble selling their house because of the $3000 insurance one would have to pay yearly since the house is along a river - yet the river hasn't flooded in over 100 years
  • backpackers (stories of giving rides and fruit to hikers)