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Sound Installation

First Installation, Bennington College Campus, April 2012

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This installation represents a scaled down model of the ideal.. only one microphone was used and there was no EQ used. The initial idea of gongs, etc. was dropped in favor of using scrap metal parts already present in the installation setting.

Initial Proposal

A rack made from reused natural materials will stand in an outdoor area relatively protected from wind; i.e. the Secret Garden, or in the woods. From it will be suspended a collection of metal plates, gongs, symbols, etc., all affixed with speakers or piezo vibrators. Also hanging will be speakers with chimes and other percussive metal objects suspended from the speaker fabric. Still other speakers will lie on the earth with objects placed on top of them. High in the surrounding trees and around the area microphones will be places, picking up the 'score' from the surrounding environment, wind, birds, and human interference. The sounds from the microphones will be EQd into specific frequency bands, each directed at the the appropriately sized or tuned instrument, lowest sounds going to the largest metal plates or gongs, the smallest going to the speakers with objects or chimes. The instrument "translates" the ambient sound into a resonant percussion ensemble, played by speakers.

Proposal Sketch


Installation Location
Installation Setting


The piece was installed on April 4, 2012. It may be reinstalled in an expanded iteration at a future point in time.

Artist Presentation

Dan Senn

Dan Senn is an intermedia artist in the Fluxus tradition. His work includes music composition, kinetic sound sculpture, experimental and documentary film with all of these often present in any one work. Dan tends to design and build his own instruments, write his own texts for vocal works, develop his own systems for notation and composition, and invent such methods as rhythmically mapping objects on video. His use of sub-audio frequencies to control movement within sound sculpture is his invention. His more discipline-specific music, such as a piece for two flutes using traditional notation, includes systems unique to this piece. Dr. Senn studied music and art at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse with Truman Dan Hayes and Leonard Stach, and at the University of Illinois, Urbana, with Salvatore Martirano, Ben Johnston and Herbert Brun. His music is published by Smith Publications of Baltimore. He lives in Prague, The Czech Republic, where he directs Efemera of Prague (Echofluxx), and in Beaverton, Oregon, where he cofounded Cascadia Composers. Dan also founded Newsense-Intermedium of Tacoma, WA and cofounded Roulette Intermedium of New York City.

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