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Bob's Research Proposal

Questions: Do earthworms have auras? If so, do different species of earthworms have differently colored auras? If so, does aura color have anything to do with trophic position?

Background: Give theoretical context here. Mention related studies and findings from your background research as necessary. You may end this section with more focused particular research questions, or particular hypotheses that you hope to test.

Methods: and so forth

Interpretation: How would particular, potential results or observed patterns relate to your questions/hypotheses.

References Ultimately you'll want to add citations. Use standard citation format here (and in text of your proposal).

If you want to add LINKS to other websites or citations or whatever, you can go into edit and copy the following format and replace things appropriately (a link is within square brackets containing a URL followed by the text that will show up as the link): This is a link to the class home-page