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Bloaty got angry at us and crashed:

To Do List

Items in bold are most important, items in italics are of secondary importance and regular text items are the least important.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Figure out what's wrong with accessing/displaying titles
  • Refine Ruby Script
  • Get rid of MAX/MSP => all sound in processing

Text Display Refinement

  • Fine tune text placement
  • Add library announcement feature

Animation Refinement

  • Make Bloaty's movement smoother/better
  • Refine the Bloating
  • Speech bubbles
  • Ghost foot prints

Interface Refinement

  • Make Bloaty interface more intuitive
  • Improve RFID reader interface
  • Position camera above projection


  • Children's library beta testing
  • Ruby installer script

Library Installation

  • Sign Out Projector
  • Fix Bugs
    • Refine Ruby Script
    • Figure out what's wrong with accessing/displaying titles
  • Ask Oceana for permission



Switched RFID to Arduino instead of BASIC Stamp. It's less glitchy and seems to be faster.

Bloaty's Back

  • revised elements of code
  • fixed tag indexing issues
  • moved sound control completely to Flash