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Basic Idea

So here's the deal. I was randomly thinking about my final project, musing over an idea I had entertained since last term and finally said, fuck this... I'm starting all over, because this is going no where! So I scrapped that idea for something completely new.

My new project is all about balance.

The Basics

My project will consist of:

  • three scales with...
  • tome rocks or marbles inside of them with...
  • three Accelerometers attached to them which are...
  • connected to one arduino which...
  • sends serial data to MAX/MSP one one computer which...
  • plays different video clips depending on the balance which...
  • will be displayed through a projection split in three parts.

To Elaborate

I aim to explore human relationships with the world around them through balance between different entities. The catch to my project is that all of the marbles/rocks must be shared between each of the scale, hence each action has an effect on the other without necessarily being directly connected to it. This will be demonstrated through the change in the video that is being displayed for each scale.

Problems etc.


I'm not really sure what exactly I want the video to be. I'm still trying to figure out what sort of balance between what relationships I'm talking about. I'm leaning more toward a heirarchical structure with video that represents personal, global and universal balance... but I'm also afraid that that might be confusing for participants. So I have to do more research to figure it out.

Also, the whole scales of justice thing puts that spin on it. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I was thinking of making my own scales rather than buying them.



So far I've gotten 1 accelerometer hooked up to an arduino and thus to MAX... everything seems to be going well. I printed out the numbers of change depending on the movement of the accelerometer. What I need to figure out is, the difference in change depending on the height. The numbers only change when the accelerometer moves, which means that I have a limited window of time during which to switch the video and also that I have to rely on specific numbers rather than just the difference itself. The number being read is always around 416 when stationary.

So I'm working on that.

Weird Things

So I remembered randomly when I was thinking about my project... this movie that really freaked me out when I was little. It's called "Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art". In any case it freaked me out because it was all about the Sesame characters getting stuck overnight in the MET and then encountering some dead egyptain boy who's been stuck on earth for thousands of years and can't go to the afterlife because he can't answer the question "Where does today meet yesterday" (some demon asks him this question every night... and he just can't seem to get it right). So Big Bird helps him or something and he gets it right and then has to get his heart weighed on a scale against a feather, and if his heart is light enough he can go to the afterlife where his parents have been for the past thousand years and become a star, but if not, too bad for him. In the end he ends up going, but when his heart gets weighed, it is not lighter than a feather and Big Bird has to convince Osiris that of course his heart's gonna be heavy because he's been stuck alone on earth for the past thousand of years wandering around aimlessly I suppose. In any case... I was 4 when I watched that movie... and it really weirded me out. That's all.