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-slow down a bit, someone that doesn't know the story is listening to you.

-I want this character to be dimensional, showing a spectrum of qualities: aggression, sentimentality, passion, playfulness, frustration, resentfulness, intelligence.

-the "climax" of your aggression should be when you're talking about the "jelly guy" at the line, "


-more desperate: you can't move on your own, your body has fallen asleep.

-when picked up, realizes they've hooked the interactor, and are now more sly--only cares about about finding the girl

"Where do I want to go? Well, I'm trying to find someone, she's the most important person to me."
-sound sincere or don't say it at all.

"We just need to finish talking...I won't burden you with details right now. Thank you for doing this"
-you don't actually care about the person carrying you. "Thank you..." should be a bit sly (like you kind of did in your first recording)


-keep doing what you're doing in the first paragraph "Oh! You know..." - "...that would be too good." Great energy and playfullness.
-"but I hate those little jelly tubs..." -" makes me gag" should be merely annoyed, but not too aggressive. You care about her. This section is important because it is an emotional transition into the "uncomfortable" section where your character describes what he is extremely intolerant towards, what fucking pisses him off.


-"...cloyingly sweet...": pronounce the "L" in cloy. Right now, it sounds like "coyingly".

-One of the longer projects was at this site on a main street. It was a passing-through sort of area, not somewhere to stop, even for a quick piss. "
Grow more aggressive and frustrated (but do not reach a climax). You are a bit resentful for having to work in such a desolate area everyday.

pleasant again