Atrichum crispulum

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Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Bryophyta

Class: Polytrichopsida

Order: Polytrichales

Family: Polytrichaceae

Genus: Atrichum

Species: Atrichum crispulum

Descriptive notes

Atrichum crispulum is about 6-8cm, green/dark green, and whitish rhizoids. The capsuls of the plant are slightly curved. A defining feature is the stripped midrib which runs the length of the leaf and takes up roughly 1/3 of the leaf surface. Leaves are smooth at bases and jagged about 1/2 way up.

General distribution and habitat

A. crispulum are found in shaded moist habitats along stream banks or swamps and are endemic to most of eastern N. America.

Campus distribution

I found my specimen of A. crispulum growing under a pile of leaves in the western edge of campus on the lower blue trail.


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