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Surface Components

You are each assigned 2 components; a Surface generation component and an additional component.You must provide an example of how to use both components to generate a surface. Your example must make use of at least one generative parameter. Save the definition to this location on vapax (vapax\3D Digital Thinking Fall 11\Lessons\04_Surface examples). Also post an image(s) of your definition to your wiki and the assignment page. provide a written description of both assigned components. What are it's inputs? What are it Output? How have you used the components. Use panel components, colored groups (select components and hit control+G - right click to set color), and scribble components to annotate your example so other can learn from your work.

Hint: use Rhino 4 command help for demos on using these surface commands.

Abraham_Weissman : Loft + sub Curve
Amira_Hankin: Revolution + Rotate
Andrew_Dubow: Extrude + Amplitude
Claire_Barber: Edge Surface + Project
Daniel_Braun: Sweep1 + Curve Frame
Emily_Jane_Rosen: Revolution + Extend
Floryn_Honnet: Sweep1 + Bezier Span
Lily_Lutz: Edge Surface + Filter
Nicholas_Sadnytzky: Extrude + Closest Point
Paul_Stoicheff: Loft + Loft Options
Steven_Nanis: Sweep2 + interpolate(t)

Student Work

Daniel Braun

Amira Hankin: Revolution & Rotate

Max Nanis: Sweep2 + interpolate(t)

Claire: Project and Edge Surface





Surface Components: Loft and Loft Options Here are a series of variable surfaces lofted between a set of curves on the Z,X plane and a rectangle on the Z,Y plane.


Emily Jane

Extend + Revolve

Abe Weissman: Sub Curve and Loft