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... You Gotta Wear Shades

We are continuing our practice of refined surface modeling this week by creating a striking new design for sunglasses. Apparently a flashlight was too easy. Finesse your flashlight model from last week and have it finalized by next week, but start from scratch with pair of Sunglasses. Here is the scenario. You work for Ray Ban, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton and are tasked with designing a concept 3D model for a collaboration with BMW (or any other car manufacturer, but please, a cool looking car). They want a pair of custom shades to go with their new sports cars. You need to find a hybrid design showing off surface language used in both companies. ie Ray Ban's that allude to the body design of BMW. BMW sent you these photos of their latest Z4 line models for your inspiration.

Produce your 3d Model. Post nice captures of your design to your wiki page with a supporting images and text explaining your design concept.