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Reading Responses

bell hook's note:

" we position ourselves on the colonizing mentality? Or do we continue to stand in political resistance with the oppressed..."

"Thinking again about space and location, I heard the statement 'our struggle is also a struggle of memory against forgetting'; a politicization of memory that distinguishes nostalgia, that longing for something to be as once it was, a kind of useless act, from that remembering that serves to illuminate and transform the present." (24)

This statement seemed so relevant especially to my Plan as it relates to archives and the power of who's remembered and how they are remembered.

Session 5 5/2/16 "Closing the Loop" - This weekend, I heard Alicia Garza speak about the issue of sexual assault targeting Black women. What was really powerful about hearing her was strong voice that she has continually used to uplift Black voices. As co-creator of #blacklivesmatter she has used the venues of selfie culture to fight against systemic violence against Black people. Whenever Garza speaks she includes Black women, men and gender non-conforming people who are affected by racism and other forms of oppression.

As the article illustrates, selfies are a form of representation that women have full control of. The way we portray our bodies gives us full autonomy in a way that never has. Women who are racial minority face an even further extreme of misrepresentation.

"the Cybertwee Manifesto" - This manifesto validates the fear of many people, especially femmes about the strength of their femininity. The way we present ourselves to the world affects the relationships we have with others and the power dynamics that are at play. Womanhood has historically been viewed as vulnerable. The emotions, dress and attitudes of women are assumed to make us inferior to men or those who are transmasculine. Almost everything girls do to express themselves, such as the dog filter on snapchat are criticized.