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Jadu is an Augmented Reality content platform focused on non fiction storytelling. There are two major elements to Jadu: content and distribution.

We are focused on generating high quality volumetric video content that can be viewed on the iPhone. This content is most frequently non fiction interviews and stories that are both personal and political in nature. Our strategy is to generate this content through interviews we conduct ourselves and for commissioned projects. Once enough content is generated and we have enough capital to run Jadu comfortably we will start focusing on user generated content. This will start with training and equipping students to produce volumetric content of their own.

In terms of distribution, we plan to focus on an iOS app at launch. Using the recently released ARKit we will develop an app that displays this volumetric content in the user’s space. A lot of Jadu’s focus would be on getting more and more people used to consuming this new form of content. We will be designing new ways of interaction for this emerging medium.


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