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Olli, & the “why” of recycling 10.21

--a possible solid argument that might appeal to all and rather hard to dispute….

We are living on a planet with finite resources. If we continue with the current rate of consumption of these resources, we can expect to deplete our supply of a variety of critical sources of material.

These are materials that are at the foundation of the operation of our civilization. Plastics rule the medical industry; Aluminum dominates packaging; Oil is the key to our energy. These resources are precious. They keep the clocks ticking and the gears of our society moving.

For most of us, these materials have become so much a part of our lifestyle that to run out would cause a drastic change in our current lifestyles. It could be detrimental to one’s quality of life (depending on how one defines that). Most certainly, drastic changes in lifestyle would be called upon if we were to run out of oil or other valued resources.

As resources become scarce, the law of supply and demand predicts that the cost of production will increase and in turn, the consumer pays more for their purchase. If we don’t preserve the resources we have by recycling as much as possible, costs will continue to increase. Recycling efforts are currently curbing the decline of natural resources, but it is hard to keep up with an ever expanding industrial civilization.

In a capitalist country like the United States, a "good" economy is a growing one. If we no longer have the resources to invest in the expansion of development and industry, we all suffer. Jobs will decrease, housing will become scarce and products will be more expensive. Life will become increasingly uncomfortable. Demands upon our current state of living might make necessary the growing of our own food, the generation of private energy supplies and investigation into alternative transportation.

Effects of the dwindling resources are subtle as of now. We feel the impact of the depleting oil reserves by the price at the gas pumps. Sooner than later, we will be forced to make sacrifices according to the availability of the resources. Right now, we have the opportunity to change small details in our lives to prevent the need for larger sacrifices. By taking the necessary steps to recycle, you are contributing to the conservation of these resources, the security of your lifestyle and ensuring that these resources will be available for future generations.

--and now for an argument that anyone can argue with.

Consuming less also creates an inner consciousness that calls to mind what is actually necessary for this life. We come to the conclusion that material things are secondary, and focussing on the more fruitful things in life will provide lasting happiness. There are benefits to the soul for recycling. Careful handling and monitoring of personal waste cultivates an awareness that becomes habit and soon caring becomes an extension of a duty to one another and to one’s planet. A frugal lifestyle can cultivate a sensitivity to excess and appreciation for the bare necessities. One begins to approach life with a [deep respect] for the integrity of creation and this thinking affects how one treats resources and others around them.

---and, because I don’t think lasting change always happens through an intellectual, rational argument, I will try to appeal to the hearts of this world---

We are the earth thinking upon itself. Humans are at a critical time in the evolution of the planet.We are being given the responsibility to care for our planet, to become stewards of nature. It is in danger. If we don’t respond, we are denying the love God has for us and destroying the very thing that created us. We must respect where we come from. We were born of earth, and we will return to earth. The earth can go on without us, but we could possibly destroy the human species if we don’t drastically change the way we manage our resources.

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---a collaborative argument---

We have the privilege of living in America with abundant materials, and what seems to be an unlimited supply of resources. W e feel we must be responsible with how we use them so as not to take them for granted. This is based in a value of respect for resources, life and other countries who live without. If we were forced to change our lifestyles,to accomodate for the lack of resources, we would be forced to do so. Why do you have to wait for it to be so extreme in order to make a change. We have the luxury of choice-- the freedom we have in this country grants us the right to abuse our resources. We believe every right comes with a responsibility, because once they're gone, they're gone!