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  • arduino-max – Using an Arduino as an input device controller for Max/MSP, providing 12 digital and 6 analog inputs. See also the Max wiki page.
  • eeprom_programmer – A EEPROM programmer.
  • max395 – Controlling an infinite number of digital switches!
  • radiosphere – Owen Cartwright's use of Max395 chips to control power to 80 clock radios.
  • psx – Using a PlayStation controller as an input device.
  • red_on_black – Controlling an alphanumeric LCD display.

Generating audio

  • Use a DAC chip, such as the National DAC0802 8-bit D-to-A converter. Some quick observations: Funky power requirements. Lots of external passive components.
  • Wow, the Analog AD8300 looks bitchin.
  • It just gets better: Analog AD5665. Serial input. Four 16-bit DACs.


As many digital outputs as your heart desires

  • We've all been using and enjoying the Max395 chips. I've got a library of code on svn. [1]
  • Current record: Owen with 80 individually addressable switches. Radiosphere using a slightly older version of the Max395 code.

Lots of external storage

SImple Teaching Programs