April 5th Minutes

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Minutes for April 5, 2007

23 Members in attendance

New members- Jonathan Hoefs representing Booth and Tambu Kudze representing Merck.

1. The meeting started with a committee check-in:

Curriculum Committee

Met with SEPC head, Sarah McAbee to clarify the relationship between the two bodies. The committee with serve as a facilitator of information between the student body and SEPC.

The committee asked student council members to relay any additional concerns voiced to them after the campus-wide coffee hour.

They hope to get feedback from all the houses with regard to any academic issues that students may have. Issues this far include: more information about classes at Williams, more art history classes, and more intro classes.

This committee meets on Wednesdays.


This committee has met with Joan Goodrich to discuss campus projects and will work with her to disseminate information as it becomes available.

They will continue to meet with Joan on a regular basis.

Sexual Safety

A survey will be conducted among the student body that will give the committee an understanding of issues of importance to students.

Student Life

Has not met.

Student Efficacy, Communications

These committees are in the process of gathering the necessary information for them to act.

Health and Wellness

Met with house chairs, Sarah Wolcott (student life), and April (Psych services). They discussed the school’s health plan- what it actually covers, and psych services.

The committee will be issuing a survey to students to gauge issues of importance.

Committee goal statements are due to Josh or Lydia by next Wednesday, April 11.

2. How to disseminate information the student body

The council decided that any information that needs to be communicated will take place in several ways.

One form is an attachment in Coffee Hour minutes that will be read by the house rep(s).

Another form is the student council bulletin board that we anticipate will be in the dining hall. Appointed committee members will be in charge of putting the info their committee deems necessary on the bulletin board. The board will be up by April 19.

3. Miscellaneous

- Part of student council reps’ responsibilities is to check the wiki periodically (at least once a week). Ask Josh if you have questions.

- As of now, any information to be put in the coffee hour minutes should be emailed to Asher by Saturday.

- Information about the new initiative is available on the SEPC wiki.

- Liz Coleman and Elissa Tenney will be attending April 25’s student council meeting. This meeting will happen from 12-1.

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