April 3, 2008

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1. Music venue in town expressed to a council member that he had tried to contact Bennington College to try to get some acts performing there, and the college had been unresponsive. A venture worth looking into??

2. Cinema 7 apology letter. External Affairs drafted a copy and we discussed what we liked/disliked about it. External Affairs and CAB are going to meet to discuss the wording of it more thoroughly and make sure that the sentiments of both groups are included. Council agreed that we wanted it to have a sentiment of deep apology and disgust at our behavior, and that it definitely doesn't ask/request for ANYTHING from the theater. We would like to put a copy of the letter in coffee hour minutes and have the student body discuss it and approve it, then attempt to gather as many student signatures as possible through a manned-table in down commons.

3. Committee Reports:

By-Laws -->discussed an informal policy in which only the By-Laws committee could bring new laws/policies to the council rather than any individual in the council being able to do so. Discussion was tabled, nothing was decided upon.

Budget Affairs --> 1. Survey-writing workshop tentatively scheduled for long weekend. 2. What to do with the books that were donated to us? Possible loan system, selling them in down commons at the beginning of next term? BA will look into these ideas and brainstorm new ones. 3. Getting more funds in the Textbook Fund - Parents weekend? Donation table/bake sale. Or having a donation box in the dining hall or somewhere where there is a lot of traffic.

Campus Life --> 1. 3rd street is getting paved and new lights (hopefully this month!). 2. UpCaf and DownCaf spaces - the idea of a survey about how often people use both spaces and what they'd like to see them used for. Then reporting information back to Eva. 3. Rideboard in dining hall getting spruced up and more usable.