April 26th Minutes

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Minutes for 4/26/2007

Josh opened the meeting discussing the prior day’s conversation with Liz and Elyssa. They talked about Student Council’s objectives and the committees. They spoke about different ways to integrate Student Council into the campus community.

A discussion about an upcoming community meeting with administration/faculty/student body took up much of the day’s meeting.

     What can be gained out of having the entire community meet?
     Why does the meeting exist?
     Feasibility/logistics of such a meeting- moderation, space, will everyone’s voice be heard?
     Different topics/perspectives/inclusivity.
     Bennington Past, Present, and Future… where does the college fit in? 

Sarah McAbee, head of SEPC, came and spoke about SEPC’s meeting with the Curriculum Planning Committee re: New Registration

A meeting between students and the winter group faculty is scheduled for Monday, April 30, at the Student Center at 6:30. The winter group will be addressing questions and concerns. More information is available at the SEPC wiki.

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