April 24, 2008

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1. PAC – Program Activities Council – combining CAB, outing club (1 other club?). Being created for next term. Student Council’s place in the creation of this organization?

2. Conference possibility – similar to last term. Purpose: to brainstorm ideas about what projects can be done before the end of this term that we can really devote our energies to. Talk about how the Council is going so far.

3. Smoking on campus – cigarette butts on ground, smoke by the barn (administrators frustrated), writing some sort of proposal for the barn? Talked about getting clear statistics and then talking to houses weekend of Parent’s weekend (May 4th).

4. Event at beginning of next term – Goal: bringing freshmen together with the upperclassmen à having musicians, artists, actors, etc. creating a piece together using a common theme (i.e. “dinosaurs”) and having a day to work on it, performing them in the evening. Important to have lots of publicity.

5. Campus Life – survey about upcaf, downcaf, student center, down commons, meditation room, etc. Will bring finalized version to next week’s meeting, goal for it to go out the following Monday to the student body. Suggestion box has been put out in the mailroom.

6. External Affairs – met with Lindsay Howard (head of CAB) about Cinema 7 apology letter. Established that both groups have different aims in the apology (theirs – business formality, ours – representing sentiment of students). Council discussed sending our own apology letter with student signatures attached, and getting rid of our name off the CAB letter. Voted on sending CAB letter as-is, with StuCo’s name – 3 for, 14 against, 0 abstained.