April 19th Minutes

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4/19/2007 Minutes

21 Members in Attendance


Bulletin Board




  • Liz and Elissa, maybe Eva, meeting with Student Council on Wednesday 4/25 12-1, Student Center

Morgan and Anna told the council their ideas for the SC Bulletin Board- including minutes, committee information, and a few pictures. Everyone present agreed with their plans. The board will be in the dining hall on the right when one’s back is to the hot food. An arts and crafts session for the bulletin board is scheduled for 4/22, 3-5 p.m.

The communications committee “is making a lot of headway, expanding their mission.” They met with Ron Cohen and discussed ways of getting opinions and gathering/disseminating facts and info.

The committee created a form for committees to use as a way to record the events/outcomes of meetings with faculty/administration. The importance of using the forms at every meeting was stressed. When completed the forms are to be placed in the secretary’s mailbox, Lydia Brassard. Forms will be compiled in a binder by the secretary. Forms can be found on the wiki.

The communications committee is also mapping out the campus communications network.

Anna Mudd and the Sexual Safety Committee created a survey to be handed out at coffee hour and returned to Anna’s mailbox following coffee hour.

The council discussed the productivity of having Asher put SC information in the coffee hour minutes and the opinion seemed to be that it was a good idea as long as the information was relevent and not fluff.

The council also the discuessed the importance of representatives serving as a resource at coffee hours.

After a brief report re: new registration by Ethan the council decided that at this juncture it’s best if we refer those who ask to House Chairs and SEPC reps.

A check-in with council members revealed positive feelings about the direction that Student Council is headed in. We discussed the importance of creating a stronger community that comes together without a tragedy having to occur.