April 17, 2008

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1. Campus Life – campus event on the weekend before Student Council elections at the start of fall term. Get Student Council known. Have art competitions in pairs. Talking to current student groups to see if they have leftover funds that we could use for event. Possibly doing a trial run during SunFest weekend. Also mentioned doing a survey about the UpCaf

2. By-Laws – Proposed new amendment regarding the ways in which new policies are proposed to the Council. Approved 15-0-1. Committee meets at 12:15 on Mondays in the purple room.

3. Data/Analysis – survey-writing workshop at 9:00AM Wed 4/23 in Dickinson (Play Day).

4. Campus Planning – met with Joan Goodrich – issue with smoking outside of the barn and other buildings, smoke going inside windows. Pregnant women in the barn. Also, staff has to clean up all the butts that are thrown on the ground outside, etc. Decided to talk about issue within houses at one of upcoming coffee hours. Building awareness, getting feelings of houses.