Anton Chekhov: Plays Stories, Letters & Life

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April Bernard, ext. 4370

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:10-12:00

Barn 238

Course Outline

Texts for the course:

The Plays of Anton Chekhov translated by Paul Schmidt.

Stories by Anton Chekhov, translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky

Anton Chekhov's Life and Thought: Selected Letters and Commentary edited and annotated by Simon Karlinsky, translated by Michael Henry Hein.

Rules of the Course:

There will be two short papers, a class presentation, and a final exam.

1. Your evaluation for this class will be based upon your keeping up with the reading, participating thoughtfully in discussion, and writing your assignments and exam with care and intelligence.

2. If you miss a class for any reason, you will be asked either to leave the class or to do makeup work, at April's discretion.

3. You may bring (nonalcoholic) drinks to class. If you bring food, you must bring enough for everyone.

4. Do not wander away from class, a regular break will be called at mid-point.

5. All essays should follow these guidelines:

    *Readable font, 12-point, double spaced, decent margins.
    *Citations according to the MLA style sheet.
    *Footnotes and bibliography according to MLA style sheet.

6. Preparation for in-class presentations will include:

    *An appointment with the Reference Librarian.
    *A follow-up appointment with April
    *Written notes and outline to be turned in after the presentation.

7. You are expected to take notes during your colleagues' presentations, as you are responsible for that material.

Weekly Assignments

Week One

Th. Feb. 22: Read -

    Introduction to Anton Chekhov's Life and Thought: Selected Letters and Commentary through chapter 2.
    Introduction to The Plays of Anton Chekhov through first three plays, including Swan Song, The Bear, and The Proposal.

Week Two

T. Feb. 27: Read -

    First three stories in Stories [Death of a Clerk, Small Fry, The Huntsmen.]
    Packet, Agatha.