Anomodon minor

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Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Bryophyta

Class: Bryopsida

Order: Leucodontales

Family: Anomodontaceae

Genus: Anomodon Hook. & Taylor

Species: Anomodon minor (Hedw.) Fürnr.

Descriptive notes

Anomodon minor grows in a loose mat, and ranges from yellow to olive green. It adheres loosely to its growing surface. The main stems are creeping, and are nearly bare except for where they form leafy branches that arch upward and curl like a hook when dry. Leaves are oval and end in a tongue-like blade. Leaf edges are smooth, and the midrib stops just before the leaf tip which is paler than the rest of the leaf. When wet, dense,straight leaves spread out at approx. 75 degrees from flattened branches.

When present, capsules are about 2mm, urn shaped, and upright on a 4-16 mm stalk.

General distribution and habitat

A. minor is found on tree trunks and bases, also on rocks(specifically calcium-enriched).

Campus distribution

I found my specimen on a dry boulder approx. 100 meters from Dickinson Pond.

Found on 4/17 by Forest Abbott-Lum Fabbott-lum 15:49, 23 April 2013 (UTC)

Other notes

A. minor is commonly known as Rounded Tongue Moss


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