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Do Graduation Tests Measure Up?: A Closer Look At State High School Exit Exams This involves Texas and Ohio; they are 2 of the 6 states that participated in this research on how effective high school exit exams are. The Executive Summary is a very helpful synopsis of the results. Retrieved from -Emmet

NAEP Report Card on Ohio Spring 2007 Interesting facts about Ohio's testing performance compared to the national average, and mentions a large gap between the performance of white and minority students. Retrieved from -Emmet

Ohio State Profile Really, really helpful and awesome collection of Ohio testing results. -Emmet

Reports from Education Trust Education Trust is an organization that backs NCLB. A fair amount of interested data and brings up many important trends in testing and facts about the NCLB Act. -Emmet

Making A Difference: No Child Left Behind Government site with some positive updates on each state. Helpful for finding trends in data. -Emmet

Elyria Scores Drop An article from the Chronicle-Telegram stating that the Elyria district in Ohio suffered a drop in test scores, causing it to fall below the NCLB "effective level. Several bombthreats were called in on the school during the days leading up to testing, which is what officials attribute to the drop. When trying for an appeal because of the threats, the Ohio Department of Education denied it. Bombthreats are not enough of a threat to disregard poor test results. -Emmet

The Ohio 8 Coalition of principals, teachers, and superintendents from the the 8 urban districts in Ohio. They are working with each other, policy makers, and the public to improve public urban education in Ohio. Really cool stuff. -Emmet

Link to Enquirer Article An article on improvement in urban school's testing and accountability and the sustainability of this improvement. Conatins some info about the Ohio 8's first summit. -Emmet

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