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I am putting up some links of the papers that I am referring to for my work:

To Do

Try and find as many Steve Howell papers related to error analysis in CCD photometry.

Narrow down the papers that would be more relevant. Finding the ones that applies to variable stars would be better.



March 12-March 19: Find steve howell papers and start reading

March 26-April 2: Read more papers and narrow down the ones that are more useful.

April 2-April 9: Carry out the error analysis on the RR Tau data that I collected at Nantucket.

April 9-April 16: Observe RR Tau from stickney if possible?

April 16-April 23:Compare the results

April 23-April 30:

April 30-May 7:

May 7-May 14:

May 14-May 21: