Amanita onusta

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[1] Amanita onusta

Taxonomy and Systematics

Kingdom: Fungi

Subkingdom: Dikarya

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Amanitaceae

Genus: Amanita

Species: Amanita onusta

Descriptive notes

The Amanita onusta is also referred to as the loaded or gunpowder Lepidella. It is a gilled mushroom with a sunken, creamy/gray cap. The cap is covered with gray warts that can be conic to pyramidal in shape. The white gills are free with attenuate lamellulae. The stalk (~5" long and 3/4" wide)tapers near the top and is coated with gray flocculence (fibers) near the bottom. Half way up the stalk, there is a sheathing ring that is also cream colored The bulb is spindle shaped.

Amanita onusta has a white spore print. It does not have a distinctive odor.

General distribution and habitat

Amanita onustacan grow solitary or in small scattered groups. They grow in forests of oak, hickory and chestnut trees from the Canada to Mexico, but is found mostly in northeastern U.S. However, its distribution is infrequent to rare.

Campus distribution

I found my specimen underneath a cover of conifers outside of Dickinson on September 5, 2011. The grass was very wet from many overcast and rainy days. There were only 2 mushrooms distributed throughout the area and I don't know of any others that were found in different locations. The 2 I found were grouped about 6 inches apart and we accompanied by an Amanita mold that was also about 6 inches from the mushrooms.

Other notes

Edibility is unknown.


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