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Reading Responses

bell hooks

"Within complex and ever shifting realrns of power relations, do we position ourselves on the side of colonizing mentality? Or do we continue to stand in political resistance with the oppressed, ready to offer our ways of seeing and theorizing, of making culture, towards that revolutionary effort which seeks to create space where there is unlimited access to the pleasure and power of knowing, where transformation is possible"

Language is also a place of struggle

"carries the scent of oppression"

The Laugh of the Medusa

"I do not deny the effects of the past are still with us. But I refuse to strengthen them by repeating them"

not to confuse the biological with the cultural

there is no one woman, no general woman

you are for you: your body is for yours, take it

---interesting connection between bell hooks' "language is a place of struggle" and Cixous' argument that writing is freedom/masturbation/voice/a place for it all

A New Queer Agenda

--to think of being discriminated for being LGBTQ, on top of being discriminated for ethnic, racial, class reasons. to stereotype the LGBTQ community as a single community, does not allow room for multiplicity

--brings up questions of how to resist creatively- spaces to dream, envision of utopia

Transfeminist Kill/Joys

- why would anyone ever exclude trans people? That's not even something I can begin to understand. Fear? Protection? blindness?

living under the auspices of "well-being" by being exclusive

"hermeneutics of love" hermeneutics: interpretation

some cisgender feminists feeling threatened by a feeling of difference, or a feeling of a perceived difference.

the link between racism and transphobia is bold but not all are forms of hatred through fear/closed mindedness, etc,


"Stories are really spirits that shift in order to illuminate what we don't know or what we can't see" -- their stories are often positioned as 1-dimensional stories to fit in with colonial narrative about quaint, unintelligent Native Americans, mastery of western theory is "proof" of intelligence

- how does inaccessibility play out in the education system? the values are so embedded that they are barely acknowledged/challenged

- continually historicized as a way to erase

"I approach my vagina as a decolonizing project and metaphors are excellent place to hide"

a great talk in relation to government treatment and this recent article:

Riot Grrrl!

This is a topic that hold particular weight for me. The family I am closest to was a part of the Olympia Riot grrrl scene and the formation of Kill Rock Stars and I have been a part of Rock 'n' Roll camp for Girls in Portland, OR from age 11-17. From he time I was little, the fact that women are under-represented in music was a topic of conversation. But from a young age I was fortunate enough to be a part of an environment where I was encouraged to make noise, turn it up, even louder, than I thought I was allowed to. But even that was a predominately white environment. It was an environment already on the margin, but even there, there were entire groups of also marginalized people who were not present.

my friend's magazine about female guitarists and bassists:

Closing the Loop

Does the internet allow the bearer of the look to "look more leeringly" while simultaneously being a form of social and political emancipation from something else? Maybe it's in the how? Maybe it's in, as the article says what body is the body that is being photographed?

"Whenever you put your body online, you are in some way in conversation with porn"

Is this really "the primary feminist tool for resistance?" How much is it just playing into it?

hooks: "white racist ideology has allowed white women to assume that the word women is synonymous with white women, for women of other races are perceived as others.

"Does selfie feminism hold anything of value for Black women at all?"

The mundane Afrofuturism Manifesto

"This dream of utopia can encourage us to forget that outer space will not save us from injustice and that cyberspace was prefigured upon a "master/slave" relationship."

Using fiction/imagination/sci-fi as a means to imagine utopia WITHOUT erasure