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Chris Miller
Fall 2007

Not recommended for Luddites, this course explores the narrative potential of several new technologies, including hyperfiction, online collaboration, interactive fiction (aka text adventures), computer Oulipo, machinima, and maybe the digital video/youtube revolution. These pursuits are new enough to allow and encourage innovation, which isn't always the case with more established art forms. They are also notable for their do-it-yourself ethos: hyperfiction, for example, can be posted on the Internet—and thereby distributed worldwide—without either the expense or the stigma of self-publishing.

Coursework will include numerous exercises and two final projects; one group project and one individual project.

Readings for class:

A Real Doll

The Starry pipe Book

Class Hyper-fiction

Google Zeitgeist

Data Visualization

Cool Things

stockXchange - Free stock photos for anyone who wants to spiff up their page.

iTunes Signature

Tattoo - this just reminded me of [a] Jackson's "Skin" project and [b] it's a great way to tell the story without actually telling it.

Palindromatic Music Video - Sugar Water by Cibo Matto

The Top Multi User Dimensions

Large collection of Text Adventures

Another Interactive Fiction site

Links to items discussed in class:

Hamlet: Text Adventure!

Lonely Girl

Patterns of Hypertext

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]


Case: A group project for Duffy, Maloney, Sanson, Spaich, and Spera.

Alt.Storytelling Archive: The information that was on the old Alt. Storytelling page. Lost of interesting links here.