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Stellafane: Dobsonian master index

Stellafane: Mirror making index


There are tons and tons of books, websites, etc about amateur telescope making. Stellafane has an excellent list of resources:

Stellafane book list

Stellafane ATM links list

Spectroscopic madness—A golden age for amateurs; Eversberg 2011

  • not necessarily about amateur telescope building, but a description of current amateur instrumentation and amateur contribution to the professional body of work

The International Epsilon Aurigae Campaign 2009-2011. A description of the campaign and early results to May 2010; Leadbeater 2011

  • a discussion of the Epsilon Aurigae Campaign, an project involving amateur spectroscopy and photometry of an eclipsing binary (this campaign is briefly discussed in the Eversberg paper as well)



updated 4/12

Mar 5-12 gather materials, order parts; make pitch lap, grinding tool; begin grinding

Mar 13-19 grind mirror (a lot!)

Mar 20-26 grind mirror

Mar 27-Apr 2 grind mirror, begin work on mirror cell

Apr 3-9 grind mirror, continue working on mirror cell

Apr 10-16 finish grinding

Apr 17-23 polishing/figuring, begin curved vane for diagonal mirror, finish mirror cell

Apr 24-30 send off for coating, work on optical tube assembly

May 1-7 continue optical tube assembly work (painting, cutting to length, installing diagonal)

May 8-14 assemble primary and secondary in OTA, work on mount

May 14-21 finish mount

May 22-28 check everything off the list, observing party time