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Algorithmic Composition Tutorial

Where Ryan and Randy get freaky

This tutorial examines algorithmic, generative, procedurally generated electronic music with focus on the use of the computer as a unique musical instrument.


Websites (I love wikipedia)

Physical Reading

  • Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality, website and book - Packer and Jordan
  • Composing Music With Computers - Eduardo Reck Miranda
  • Computer Sound Synthesis For The Electronic Musician - Eduardo Reck Miranda
  • Readings In Music and Artificial Intelligence - Eduardo Reck Miranda
  • Computer Sound Design - Eduardo Reck Miranda
  • Experimental Music - Michael Nyman
  • The Computer Music Tutorial - Curtis Roads
  • Formalized Music - Iannis Xenakis


Procedures in Practice

On The Intarweb

  • Whitney Music Box
  • Parallel Music Singles
  • Gotrian Pianos' Pianola
  • WolframTones Composition Generator
  • r4nd()% a realtime generative net radio
  • Uncontrol not music, but an interesting visual example of additive, algorithmic creation of ... stuff (in this case visual)
  • Mario Klingemann more generative art (of all sorts)
  • Huygens Probe Sonification a beautiful information dashboard with data sonification detailing data from the Huygens Probe descending on Titan (left channel is rotational speed and tilt, right channel is descent imager and spectral radiometer).
  • iSIC The now famous "Information Music" group that first configured servers to play music based on network traffic. Good reading and good audio.
  • City Heat & Heartbeat sonifications displaying average temperature fluctuations of NYC
  • HeartSongs heart rate data converted into music - using a finely tuned algorithm, a "sick" heart can very easily be distinguished sonically from a "healthy" heart

On Physical Linear Media

  • Brian Eno
    • Discrete Music
    • Music For Films
    • Music for Airports
    • Generative Music 1
    • many others
  • Steve Reich
    • Tape Loops (It's Gonna Rain, Piano Phase, Come Out)
    • Drumming
    • Music for Eighteen Musicians
    • Pendulum Music
    • others
  • John Cage
    • Lot's of work with indeterminate processes, but I won't get too into that(aleatoric music will be explored, however)
  • Alvin Lucier
    • Music on a Long Thin Wire
    • Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas
    • I Am Sitting in a Room
    • Crossings
    • Clocker
    • essentially everything else
  • Iannis Xenakis
    • Everything
  • Eduardo Reck Miranda
    • Everything
  • Any piece of music ever composed using Counterpoint

Physical Computing-Style