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Sooooo, the idea was to have LCD's around campus that displayed text, the first paragraph, of books being returned to the library. The text would scroll slowly and hopefully (that's the keyword right?) spark some interest around campus. SO now it is/could/may be that the screens could display this text, maybe the first paragraph or a selection of text (Suggested by commenter #3) chosen by the last reader of the book (the reader would need to register with our system and type in the text to be displayed, optional). This text, would need to be stored on a text file somewhere on our server to be called by the rfid tag when the book is returned (I feel like ruby is capable of this, yes? no?). To be sensitive to privacy the book/text display could be put on a delay, maybe a few hours or more so it's not like the person returns the book and then WOAH! your text comes up and everyone looks at you like "you really read that s*!t?". So moving on, the displays would be all over campus, the student center, vapa, dining hall, etc. Maybe it would be interesting if the people reading the text could check the book out remotely, this may require the call tag or some other identifier to display along with the text of the book. This could be by some card reader that you could swipe your id with or maybe a SMS/text message system that calls directly into the library system (our system, what is this system I keep referring to?), when the message is sent to a certain number within the library (this is someone else's idea, a combination of commenters #5, 6, 9). This would have to be a optional registration sort of thing, you could opt in but we would need access to your phone # so we could dial that into your system profile. The books would need to be dropped off in a special box that we created to read the rfid tags as they were placed in it upon being dropped off.

On a side note, do you all listen to the Supremes? If not, maybe give it some thought. They're so good!

Jason - This is so great. What better use for the new TV in the green room during meal hours? How about just a scan of the first page. Does it need to be actual text or is the image of the text ok? Scanning would be quicker and easier to do. I also like the idea of being able to check something out remotely, but what about just putting it on hold? That way, and the way the hold system works now, if you don't pick it up in a certain amount of time it goes back on the shelves, or to the next person with a hold on it. This would be pretty easy to implement even with our current barcode system. As per all this talk of "systems", the actual circulation program the library currently uses is called Millenium (I know, very new age!) - Jess