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Ahmad Yassir -Freshman

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Space Play-house

Different cubic like shapes in space, different in their space and borders forming an alien like-House


Spindles that teleport ships through space.

Space Station 1

Similar to any airport, it has different terminals and exit points. Bigger and more accessible for space-ships.

Space Technology Tower

Satellite dishes tower, alien advanced technology requires them still.


Modeling the Europa-champions league trophy, in curves.

Calligraphic Monument

My name; A-H-M-A-D أحمد, written in Arabic by separate letters and aligned to form the name.

Office Building

Inspired from cubic offices. This time its more developed and spacious.

Final Space Site

All the space constructions in space, forming a very busy waves of teleport and transportation through the stations and teleporters. Stacked on the Space-play house to show different positions in space.

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