Advanced Ecology 2012

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3 April: Joe

10 April: Jake

17 April: Bryan

24 April: Andrew

1 May: Betsy

We'll use this wiki for research proposal development.

I've created a sample wiki page for a research project for demo if you're unfamiliar with wiki, you can borrow it and modify as appropriate:

  • FIRST, click on 'Bob' below to open the page for a fake project, then click the 'edit' tab at the top of page;
  • In the window that opens you'll find the code that sets up the example project page. Copy that material or as much as you want. Go back to the class page.
  • Make a page link for yourself. Type your name(s) in double brackets and Save. name will appear in red, meaning it's a blank page so far
  • Click your page link below. Because it's blank, first time it will automatically open into an edit box; after this initial time, you'll have to actively click the 'edit' tab to go into the edit box. PASTE the material you just copied.
  • Edit as appropriate. Use Wiki pages to pick up examples of tricks...

FOR THE FIRST ROUND, FOCUS on question, go into other sections as possible. You may have more than one question at the moment...

Individual Pages

Bob (Fake proposal)

Emily Mikucki

Isabel Marlens

Bryan Markhart

Mara McPartland

John Meierdierck

Joe Kendrick

Andrew Scott