Advanced Aesthetics

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Due 9/17:

Review of Frankenthaler show.

Response paper on Winkelmann/Potts. 2-3 pages. Question: Winckelmann's history of art was, as he said, "no mere narrative of the chronology and alterations of art'; rather, it was an attempt "to provide a system" (Potts, 33). What is the distinction that Winckelmann is making here, and how does it play out in his art history?

Due 9/24:

Review of Frankenthaler show.

Draft proposal of research project.

Response paper on Lessing, Laocoon. Question: What, according to Lessing, are the differences between the domains of painting and poetry? What is at stake for him in delimiting these two domains, do you think?

Due 10/1: Transfiguration of the Commonplace, Chapters 1 and 2.

Danto uses many examples in the exposition of his argument. Go back and look at the examples he employs in these two chapters. What kinds of examples does he use? What functions do they perform? Do they all perform the same function? How do they advance his argument?

Due 10/8: Totc, Ch 4 and 5.

Please respond on a topic of your choice from the reading.

Due 10/15: "Art and Objecthood" by Fried, "The Importance of Skill" by Elkins.

On "Art and Objecthood": summarize Fried's argument, and provide a critical perspective on the argument. This does not mean disagreeing with it, but it does mean evaluating his argument, considering whether it is persuasive, arguing against it or certain aspects of it as the case may be, or anticipating possible objections to his argument and defending it.