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Adrien de Mones

Fall 2013

Assignment 1 |Hotel Motel

Goodview.jpg A general view...

The Utilitarian Things of the Universe

Assignment 3 | The Phaucet

The Phocet

Still having trouble with the filleting.

Assignment 4 | Making a Flashlight

Project 5

Part I

Part II

Part III

Assignment 6

'Project Proposal'

part I

Still thinking about stands: functional object for decoration. Ideas about large installation with stands.

Part II

Just saw my first print in real life. I will complete a total of 4-5 thorough designs for my final. All designs will explore the idea of support and the function of decoration. although i have somewhat of a conceptual basis for making these things, I am also really excited about the humor that is going to be in these objects. The sense of scale is important for me. and these will vary in the design and their purpose.

Am also designing a specific object to support a large scale piece I am doing for another class. Intending to lacquer, paint or spray paint this design.

each design is specific to its supported object. In turn, all the designs will be shown with these objects.

Las Meninas

Here is the result of 4 designed stands. Each Rhino-designed objects have the quality of being stands. However, they have different functions based on the objects that they interact with. In this case, one acts as a viewing tool for a foiled piece I created, which here acts also acts as a background, for the miniature bust. Another one subverts the eating mat, as an object, and creates a sort of bench. Another object, which orignially taken from a japense style fan stand is now erected as an "objet-d'art" because of the object it is sitting on.