Adolescents and Their Literacies

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Adolescents and Their Literacies

Bryan Duff

Conventional wisdom in education holds that language-arts instruction shifts from learning to read and write in the primary grades to reading and writing to learn in secondary and higher education. This formulation assumes that reading and writing are all-purpose skills that students can apply to any situation in which text is involved. While there certainly are generalizable components of literacy skill, the changing nature of texts as students progress through school necessitates new reading and writing strategies. Widespread failure to appreciate that learning to read and write continues through secondary school has contributed to the well-documented literacy difficulties of high school and even college students. The first goal of this course, then, is to help prospective teachers and others interested in education to understand both the hidden challenges of post-elementary literacy and some of the strategies that teachers in all subject areas are using to meet these challenges. The second goal for students in the class is that they learn how other literacies (e.g., visual and hypertextual) might be used to scaffold more conventional literacy. Please note that this course will require students to spend approximately one hour every two weeks in a local high school, outside of class hours. Prerequisites: None. Credits: 4 Time: TF 2:10 - 4pm

Mid-term Meeting Sign-up Adolescents and Their Literacies

Tuesday, April 14

9:00 am Forrest Matthews

9:30 am Alex Galer

10:00 am Emma Goodman

10:30 am Laura Hallman

12:00 pm Genevieve Senchyna

12:30 pm Michelle Fournier

Monday, April 20

9:00 am Sean Ring

9:30 am Michelle Fournier

10:00 am Carol Farley

10:30 am Grady O'Neil

12:00 pm Camille Dudley

12:30 pm Neneh McKenzie

1:00 pm Nick Haas

Tuesday, April 21

9:00 am

9:30 am Meaghan Morgan-Puglisi

10:00 am Allie Gordon

10:30 am Breya Robinov

12:00 pm Ted Hendershot

12:30 pm Andrew Duff

Wednesday, April 22

9:30 am- Katie Rudman

10:00 am- Sam Foxall

10:30 am Gioia Pirrello

11:00 am- Amanda Sullivan