Administrative Policy Committee

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The goal of the Administrative Policy Commitee would be to hold the Administration of Benington College better acountable to the student body. The Administration makes dicisions that effect the education, housing, facilities, and enviornment of the college. While the administers of the colege are here much longer than any single student or student class, and have an interest of the longgevity of the college, they work at the college, the students live here. This college, for better or worse, is our home, work, community, our stresser and stress releaser. As such, we should represent our interests as the residents of the college to the body(s) that make decisions about our lives. Administrative bodies could include the President's office, the Dean's office, Human Resources, the Development office, the Buisness office, ect.

By increasing/encouraging dialogue between the Administration of Benington College and the student body, we would hope to give voice to student concers and make sure that these concers are considered in the decisions made by the administrative bodies.

This commitee could address concerns such as the recently brought up contract negotiations between the college and the dinging, matienence and house keeping.

This commitee may be redundant and unnessisary (conflicting with other commitees already in existance), and many issues the commitee would be focusing on may be best addressed by short-term focus groups.

--Pmabarnard 13:51, 1 November 2007 (EDT)