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Re-articulation of Bookmarks

Physical Element

       The 'Bookmark'
       Objects that are autonomous
       Can be repurposed to mean different things depending on the user
       Have some ability to communicate w/ the virtual side

User Interface

       Patrons can log on
       Access certain information that other patrons have input
       All content is user-created
               Things you can do:
                       Leave comments on titles (any media in catalogue)
                       Passive links are made by Bookmarks
                       ?? Are we allowing users to make links "bookshelves"
                       Browse existing comments (via users, titles, maybe genres, bookmark...)
       Two parts
               Bookmark Map
               Behind the scenes, where we're drawing information from, the database

Tagging, Meta-data: using the genre list to "tag" books; user created meta-data

       Provides methods of filtering
       Meta-commenting? Y/N?
               Comments on the same book will automatically create discussions, does it need to be implicit?

?? Ability to search by title, but NOT by user, author. Bookmark is an "automatic" filtering box

       Robert Wish List Item: autofill book titles when searching for specific books

?? Ability to add onto existing comment threads, but threads can only be started with the physical book ?? Ability for grads / previous students and patrons allowed to add on as they wish ?? How much access does the Bookmark provide? It's really just a portal and once inside, we no longer need that doorway in ?? Users can only add comments to books that exist in the library....

Three Entry Points (virtual, physical, historic):

       User Interface (stand-alone? elsewhere?)
       Bookmark (physical)
               Are there certain interactions that are available only on web, only in library?         Because of Processing, available on the web, but certain things not accessible through site (scanning)          Expanded feature set for web: uploading documents, etc.

At what point is this a new front-end for the catalog, or are books only entered by users

       Can you search for a book not in a system?
       Can we use the existing database for our purposes, or do we have to build it, interaction by interaction