AL Project 3 - Hannah, Jess & Luce

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The Girlz Team <3

Our key words are:
-Knowledge sharing
-Social interaction

We need to create a inspirational seductive form of social interaction based on knowledge sharing.
We want to reimagine the space and create a seductive environment that inspires learning and playing, through social interaction of course.




1. Library Facebook
An interactive display in the entrance way. People can opt to share their whereabouts in the library, interests, what they are reading, etc.

2. Save The Patio!!
Make the Patio accessible to patrons using RFID in the downstairs exit.

3. Augmented Carrels
Part I. Casa Segura some/a few/all(?) of the carrels to make an interface for sharing information/stories/thoughts/ideas. This could incorporate scanners, touch screen, drawing tablet, actual physical places to draw (like a white board). This is like the writing on the desks in exams.
Part II. Loft carrels in the upstairs far left window. Hidey Holes? Desks? Bean Bags? White boards?

4. Put Lights in the Bathrooms. Please. Thanks.
Enough said.

5. Interactive Stairs
Part I. (MUSICAL STAIRS!) Different colored lights light up in stairs when walked upon according to speed and weight. Perhaps different titles of books will be whispered as you were climbing. This could cause a lot of controversy and piss people off, which could be good.
Part II. Stair facebook
Part III. Under the stairs?

6. The Lounge
We talked to a guy using the Lounge/Writing tutor room. He interrupted our conversation about making it an ambient room and said it was the worst idea he'd ever heard. He likes the enclosed openness of the space and didn't think anything should be added. However we think the space can be built upon and still keep those qualities.
We like the idea of making the writing tutor desk and computer less of a presence in the room because of how little it is used in the space. Fold out desk? Using laptops from the library? Fold out computer?

7. Throwies!
This is Jess adding this as an afterthought. Everybody loves LEDs. What if there were different colored LED "bookmarks" that related to different subjects and were left around the shelves to mark books of interest. Or something. I want to make throwies.


I think that the idea of knowledge sharing is a very good goal, and by increasing social interaction it makes knowledge sharing much easier. I really like the idea that keeps coming up of making the library a more collaborative space. -David

Facebook it dude! This is a very similar as an idea to one Robert talked to me about when I was thinking about signing up for AugLib. I love this idea. And I think it's probably doable as things go. Why isn't there a Augmented Library user profile on Facebook now? Or a group? It would be a good way to get community feedback. -Jason

Who is Kiele? -kyle

Dunno what Interactive Stairs are, but that phrase really, really intrigues me. I think the stairs are an important transitional space that has high visibility and a lot of potential. --Rebecca